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Introducing GC remineralising tooth mousse, available from Promed
Introducing GC remineralising tooth mousse, available from Promed

Tel: 1800 619 619
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Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, caused by numerous conditions, including exposed dentine or the tubules of the enamel becoming exposed during tooth whitening.

GC tooth mousse with Recaldent (CPP-ACP) is a new kind of protective tooth cream that provides an immediate solution to tooth sensitivity. When applied once a day over the longer term, this cream can arrest the process of dental erosion, a common underlying cause of tooth sensitivity.

Available in five delicious flavours, GC tooth mousse is easy to apply and your patients will love its fast-acting relief.

GC tooth mousse is a topical, water-based, fast-acting sugar-free cream with the following features:
• Strengthens, before and after bleaching
• Protects, against hypersensitivity, after professional tooth cleaning and during orthodontic treatment
• Replenishes by stimulating saliva flow
• Delivers Recaldent (CPP-ACP) to restore mineral balance.

For further information, please contact Promed on freephone 1800 619 619 or log on to the Promed website