The Rana Group awarded by Moige for the «Sfogliavelo-Sfogliagrezza» campaign

In Rome, the new edition of “A year of zapping and streaming 2023-2024”. The guide, which since 2023 has been transformed into a digital archive, is edited by the Media Observatory of MOIGE, the Italian Parents’ Movement, which analyzed over 300 productions, awarding 37 total prizes, to which are added 6 special mentions awarded by the Traffic Police , Communications Police, FIC Italian Chefs Federation, CONI – Italian National Olympic Committee, UILDM – Italian Union Fight against Muscular Dystrophy, AICDC Italian Association of content and digital creators.

The categories analyzed are: Entertainment, culture and information Fiction, TV series, docu-fiction Programs for children and teenagers; Web and social channels; Commercial communications and branded entertainment content.

In the “Branded entertainment Content” category, the MOIGE Observatory awarded the Rana Group the prize for the communication campaign “Giovanni Rana – Sfogliavelo e Sfogliagrezza” with the following motivation “: For having broadcast, in an atmosphere of joy which always characterized the communication of the company, the message of the Italian art of good cuisine, obtained thanks to continuous care and research, starting from a passionate person who involved his family in his project and made his company become a family.”

Gian Luca Rana (CEO Rana Group) commented as follows “We are extremely proud of being awarded this prestigious award and even more so of its motivation. Having involved our entire family in a unifying project and then expanded it to more than three thousand people around the world: this is an extraordinary, never-ending journey! to this passion, there is our communication style, which has always been characterized by an essential note of cheerfulness, combined with a profound self-irony, starting from my father up to all the collaborators who shared the screen with him all this on the part of MOIGE is therefore of great value, it testifies to our constant commitment to creating an authentic, sincere narrative, capable of involving and transmitting joyful and positive emotions for me and for the entire Rana family, it is a great emotion having shared, in these 40 years of communication, through commercials, our passion for quality, taste, creativity, love for the table and conviviality.”

Giovanni Rana (President of the Rana Group) declared: I am deeply honored and grateful to receive this important recognition. For sixty-two years we have had the privilege of being present in the refrigerators of Italians’ homes and for forty years, first I, then also my collaborators, have entered television, talking about our products with passion and always with a smile. Receiving this award is an indescribable emotion, because it celebrates an extraordinary journey made of dedication, love for quality and the immense joy of creating moments of happiness together.”

At the following link you can consult the digital archive “A year of zapping and streaming” for free, updated with the sheets of all the products of the 2023-2024 season examined by the MOIGE Media Observatory: https://www.