And now Macron is preparing a prank for Mélenchon

Surprise result in France. Second The Figaroin the second round for the renewal of the National Assembly, the New Popular Front won: the far-left coalition, which would obtain a relative majority in a range of between 180 and 215 seats. The deployment of Emmanuel Macron came in second, securing between 150 and 180 seats. The bronze medal went to the Rassemblement National, which can count between 120 and 150 elected deputies. Finally, the Gaullist right won between 60 and 65 seats.

“The will of the people must be strictly respected. No agreement would be acceptable. The defeat of the President of the Republic and his coalition is clearly confirmed. The President must bow and accept his defeat,” said the leader of the New Popular Front Jean-Luc Melenchon. “The prime minister must go. The president must call the New Popular Front to govern,” he added. In response, the entourage of Macron There have been calls for “caution”: according to the French president, in fact, the election results have not clearly decided “who can govern”. “Faced with a divided Assembly, we will have to behave like adults”, he stated, for his part, Raphael Glucksmannfounder of Place publique: a social democratic group which is in turn part of the New Popular Front.

Significant words those of Glucksman. It is not in fact excluded that the tenant of the Elysée could aim to break up the New Popular Front, attracting some components to himself. If this were his intention, what the leader of Place publique said could be interpreted as a sign of political availability towards Macron. On the other hand, if it were to split, the New Popular Front would hardly be able to elect a prime minister. And Mélenchon could suddenly turn from winner to loser.

At this point, the Rassemblement National and the Gaullists would probably be better off waiting. “After completely unnatural alliances, the Macronists end up electing the New Popular Front,” said the vice-president of the Le Penist group. Sebastien Chenu. And that’s exactly the point. If Macron manages to undermine the New Popular Front, building a majority with a piece of it, a heterogeneous and therefore weak government will still be born. A circumstance that could indirectly strengthen the consensus of Le Penists and Gaullists, while Mélenchon would find itself more isolated. Obviously it is still too early to draw conclusions. Macron he may have found a little leeway to get by a little longer. But the road for him remains uphill, while Mélenchon risks finding itself soon with reduced parliamentary troops. In the medium term, Le Penists and Gaullists could therefore have much to gain.