«Biden shows signs of decline», says the Wall Street Journal

That advanced age is one of the main problems of Joe Biden in view of the November elections, this is certainly nothing new. Shedding new light on the issue was the Wall Street Journal. The conservative New York newspaper has in fact heard from numerous parliamentarians and former parliamentarians, both Democratic and Republican, who have had direct interactions (and behind closed doors) with the American president. Well, the overall picture that emerges is not the best for him. The various witnesses told of a Biden with particularly slow movements and who speaks with a very feeble voice. Not only. Episodes of mental confusion and forgetfulness have also been reported. “I met him when he was vice president. I went to his house,” the former Speaker of the House told the newspaper, Kevin McCarthyreferring to Biden. “She's not the same person,” she added.

Needless to say, the article of Wall Street Journal triggered a piqued reaction from the White House spokesperson, Andrew Bates. “It's a little surprising that the Wall Street Journal thought this was breaking news when congressional Republicans told them the same false claims they've been peddling on Fox News for years, but it's also telling that the only individuals willing to smear the president in this story are his opponents politicians who are afraid to use their names, beyond a proven liar,” he thundered, referring to McCarthy.

The point is that the president's health problems are becoming increasingly central to the campaign for the next elections. A survey conducted by ABC News in February it found that for 86% of Americans Biden he would be too old for an encore in the White House. We remind you that the person concerned is currently 81 years old and that he is the oldest first-term president in American history.

The investigative report of the special prosecutor makes the situation worse for him Robert Hur, published in February. In the document, Hurray he announced that he had decided not to indict Biden on the question of classified documents unduly withheld not for not having committed the crime but because, in front of an “elderly” man with poor memory, the jurors would probably have raised reasonable doubt. In the same report, Hurray he, among other things, wrote that Biden “he did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended.” He also added that his memory was “significantly limited”.

Of course, the president's supporters painted Hurray like a Trumpist who would have gone beyond the boundaries of his role to put Biden embarrassed: after all, he was appointed federal prosecutor of Maryland by Donald Trump in 2017. However, it should also be remembered that the role of special prosecutor was conferred on him by the current head of the Department of Justice, Merrick Garland (in turn designated by Biden in 2021). Without neglecting that Hurray worked alongside Rod Rosenstein: the deputy attorney general who went on a collision course with Trump on the case Russiagate. In short, for Biden the issue of age is becoming more and more pressing. And the risk, for him, is that it could prove to be a much worse vulnerability than his rival's legal troubles.