Gazprom, the collapse of shares and a giant of Russia

Gazprom shares plummeted on the Moscow Stock Exchange on Monday following the announcement that the company would not pay dividends based on 2023 operating results.

Gazprom's prices fell by almost 6%, reaching 145.03 rubles, the lowest since October 2023. Following the decision of the Russian government, the main shareholder of the gas monopoly, to issue a directive providing for the refusal of payments, Gazprom's capitalization fell by 144 billion rubles, or almost $1.6 billion, in just over an hour.

After losing the gas war with Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin is betting on China, proposing, in addition to the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, the construction of a second gas pipeline, the Power of Siberia-2, with a capacity of 50 billion of cubic meters. However, Putin failed to gain Beijing's approval, despite assurances of “friendship” and “strategic” partnership “without borders”. Beijing does not want to invest even a single yuan in the project, asking Russia to bear the multibillion-dollar construction cost alone. Gazprom “will not pay dividends for many, many years”, warns MMI: the company does not have sufficient operating cash flow to cover investment costs and its debt is growing rapidly.

The porn professor in the Lausanne gymnasium

“There is some commotion in the gym, which is why the management is sending you the following information without delay.” These are the words used by Marc-André Jaquemet, principal of the Gymnase Auguste Piccard in Lausanne, in an email sent on Friday to the teaching staff of his school. The email was viewed by “24 heures”. The email reads: “The Direction générale de l’enseignement postobligatoire (DGEP) was informed by the management of the Gymnase Auguste Piccard on May 23 that pornographic photos and videos involving a teacher are circulating within the school.” A teacher at the school allegedly produced and then uploaded images prohibited to minors under 18 to a freely accessible pornographic website. This content, to which the management had access, does not appear to contravene any laws or those of the hosting platform”, continues the principal in his email. The videos were immediately removed from the site in question”…

Israel Katz infuriates Spain

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz posted a video on ”. A clear attack on the Spanish decision to recognize the State of Palestine which will be ratified on May 28th (as will also Ireland and Norway, recipients of similar videos posted in recent days), which has sent the Spanish government into a rage.

University of Turin in the Storm

The Union of Italy-Israel Associations (UAII) will file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office of the Court of Turin regarding the affair of the religious prayers on May 17th in the Kingdom of Italy. This was announced in a press note by Celeste Vichi (President of the Union of Italian and Israeli Associations). “In order to identify the conduct and responsibilities of those who gave speeches and speeches last May 17th – even with religious content – praising the Islamic jhad within the University of Turin and towards all those who authorized and/or failed to monitor and prevent such demonstrations praising racial hatred from being held in an office – such as that of the University – which carries out a public service, with consequent interruption of the same, also requesting that the Judicial Authority investigate also towards all those organizations that may have supported such conduct”.