Guterres, when the UN is always and only pro-Hamas

The UN Secretary General excludes Hamas from the list of conflict-related sexual violence. Despite him acknowledging Pramila Patten's findings, António Guterres refrained from blacklisting the terrorist organization and called for further investigations into allegations of sexual violence against Palestinian detainees.

Despite hundreds of pieces of damning evidence, video confessions from Hamas militants, and testimony presented in the report of the Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on sexual violence in conflict, which highlighted Hamas' crimes, the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, has chosen not to include Hamas in the UN blacklist of suspects involved in conflict-related sexual violence.

As Ylnet writes in the report, Guterres has carefully avoided attributing responsibility to Hamas, despite the clear link recognized by MP Pramila Patten between the Hamas terrorist attack on 7 October and systematic and targeted sexual violence. Unlike Patten's report, which expressed concern about continued sexual violence against Israeli hostages and called for their immediate release, Guterres avoided explicit condemnation.

The UN blacklist includes several terrorist organizations operating in various countries, including the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq (ISIS), Mali, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Myanmar, Haiti and Nigeria. The report specifies that the list “does not aspire to be exhaustive and includes organizations with credible information against them”

In response, Israeli Foreign Ministry Israel Katz expressed deep concern over the publication of UN Secretary General Guterres' report on sexual violence during conflicts: «I am convinced that if the crimes of the Nazi regime were discussed during its mandate, he would refuse to condemn them even if his political interests required it.”

Katz also criticized the UN for not publicly condemning Hamas and adding it to the list of terrorist organizations responsible for crimes, refusing to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization despite the atrocities committed on October 7 and thereafter. Previously, Katz had stated: «Under the leadership of Antonio Guterres the UN has become an anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli institution that offers protection and encourages terrorists. The Secretary General was on the Egyptian side and blamed Israel for the humanitarian situation in Gaza without in any way condemning the Hamas-Isis terrorists who plunder humanitarian aid and without condemning UNRWA which cooperates with the terrorists and without calling for liberation immediate and unconditional of all Israeli hostages.”

This latest report is considered yet another testimony to the complete failure of the United Nations under the leadership of António Guterres which could also legitimize terrorism and violence. During discussions between Israeli representatives and UN officials about not including Hamas in the blacklist, UN sources said “that it was too early to make such a decision.” According to them, “the inclusion of a given organization in the list is a gradual process, starting with a trend analysis, followed by a specific case and then, if necessary, inclusion in the list.” Now if there is still anyone who believes in the UN institution, raise your hand.