In a France in panic, the festival of “political betrayal” is staged

While yesterday in France the left seemed to regroup behind the new Popular Front (even if Jean-Luc Mélenchon remained lurking), on the right the craziest show in the world was staged. Ah, the French. First they took it out on Éric Ciotti, then on Marion Maréchal. Finally they killed them both. Or maybe not.

But let's see how it went. Ciotti was responsible for having wanted to ally himself with Le Pen's Rassemblement National, but without warning (or asking permission) his colleagues: who, after he barricaded himself in his office preventing them from meeting, met for a while ' further and they expelled him from the Républicains. Even changing X's password in which they tweeted that no, he was no longer one of them. Except that they had forgotten to block his Facebook account as well, so Ciotti continued to speak out against him for hours, writing that the expulsion had no legal consequences, but rather criminal ones. He even had time to launch a petition and collect 10 thousand signatures in support of his alliance with RN. Then X blocked the Republicans for a few hours because their posts “did not respect the rules of the social media”. Without specifying what they were exactly. Result? “As if it were Antani”, in the sense that Ciotti this morning at 10.15 showed up at the office as if nothing had happened, as if the replacement with the duo composed of François-Xavier Bellamy and Annie Genevard at the helm of the party (founded in 2015 by Nicolas Sarkozy as successor to the Union for a Popular Movement) had never existed and promising to fight in court. Rien goes plus.

The games, however, were also lively in Reconquête, the ultra-right party launched at the end of 2021 by another Éric, the Zemmour columnist of the conservative newspaper Le Figaro. And the fault, this time, was entirely that of Marion Maréchal, 34 years old, Marine Le Pen's granddaughter and favorite of her grandfather Jean-Marie who had just been elected in Europe on Sunday with Réconquete. In a scathing interview on BFM TV, Zemmour said he was disgusted because Marion broke “the world record for betrayal.” And you in turn expelled her from the party, but with a post on X. And why? It seems that on Monday Marion had attempted to get closer to her aunt, but that Bardella, after the famous “dédiabolisation”, i.e. the normalization of the party, no longer wanted to know about that little demon Zemmour. The next day, however, it was Marion who returned to her family “for the good of the French”.
During a press conference, Maréchal denounced the mistake of her former president who she criticized for wanting to present candidates against the RN in the political elections of 30 June and 7 July. The disagreements between the fourth candidate in the presidential elections, who has intensified his attacks against the RN, and Marion Maréchal, more inclined towards openness, had come to a head in recent days. “Disgusted and hurt”, Éric Zemmour accused his former protégé of “lying”, of having “betrayed” him to save “the friends of the clan” and of being “surrounded by professionals of betrayal”. «It was I who designated her as the leader, it was my activists who carried out this campaign. The activists got by for her, gave their money for her. And after 48 hours, you betray these people, abandon them like dogs, like old socks”, Éric Zemmour got angry. A turning point which, according to him, has an explanation: «She is for family reunification», he joked with Le Figaro.

A whirlwind of emotions which however brought peace to the Le Pen family. Married to the FdI MEP, Vincenzo Sofo, with whom she was also spotted in Atreju, Marion at 23 was the youngest elected to the national assembly in 2012 and at 27 she decided to dedicate herself to her daughter Olympe for some time . She was back in the field with Zemmour: «This exclusion seems to me to be an immense waste», Marion repeated several times, but she will not resign from her mandate as an MEP. «I don't want to have a ministry, I don't want to be a legislative candidate. I'm with RN for consistency and not to waste votes.” Her obsession is to beat Emmanuel Macron. Congratulations.