Israel attacked Iran. Missiles on Isfahan air base

At 04.30 tonight, Israel responded to a massive drone and missile attack from Iran, an action that could intensify tension between the two countries and lead to an escalation that risks resulting in a real open conflict. Iranian media and social media reported explosions in the vicinity of Isfahan, where Iran has nuclear installations and a drone factory. Furthermore, the activation of air defense systems was reported in various provinces of the country following the detection of unidentified flying objects. However, the government-controlled IRNA news agency said its reporters found no extensive damage or large-scale explosions and that no accidents had been reported at Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iran activated its air defense systems in several cities, state media reported, following reports of large explosions near the central city of Isfahan. “Iranian air defense has been activated in the skies of various provinces of the country,” the official IRNA news agency said. The air base has long hosted the fleet of American-made Iranian F-14 Tomcats, purchased before the Islamic revolution of 1979. In the Esfahan region there are also sites linked to the Iranian nuclear program, including the Natanz underground enrichment site, which has been the subject of sabotage attacks by Israel in the past. Despite this, Iranian state television assured that “all sites in the area are totally safe.” Israeli retaliation also developed in Syria where at dawn today some attacks targeted the Soueida region in southern Syria as an activist from the online media Suwayda 24 told AFP, shortly after the news of at least three explosions recorded near military bases in Iran. “There were attacks against a Syrian army radar position in the western part of Soueida province,” said Rayan Maarouf, head of the website, without indicating the origin of the attacks.

It was understood that something was in progress after a meeting was called last night in which White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Israel's Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer and Security Advisor national team Tzachi Hanegbi. On CNN, a senior American official confirmed that Israel had warned the United States that it would retaliate against Iran in the coming days “but we have not approved the response,” the source said. On , a geopolitical risk consultancy, writes: «The Israeli attack on Iran is a de-escalation. They had to do something but the action is limited compared to the attack on Damascus which precipitated the crisis.” Let's hope he's right.