Joe Biden’s Catastrophic Debate, Struggling Against Trump

No. It was definitely not a good performance recorded by Joe Biden during the first television debate with Donald Trump. The confrontation, hosted by CNN and without an audience in the room, was not long awaited to understand the political positions of the two contenders: positions that have been well known for some time and in respect of which no sensational innovations have in fact emerged. No: the wait was fueled above all by the desire to understand the physical fiber and mental clarity of the two contenders. Well, from this point of view, Biden showed some significant problems.

First of all, he always spoke with a feeble and hoarse voice: an aspect that obviously did not escape notice and which, according to what CNN learned during the confrontation, was due to the after-effects of a cold. But this is not the main issue. Speaking during the debate, the American president got confused more than once. Answering a question about the health program Medicare, Biden for example, he lost the thread of his speech. He also got bogged down when addressing the immigration issue: a circumstance that led Trump to hit hard. “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he even knows what he said,” the former president said, referring to his rival. As if that weren’t enough, at times when he was speaking Trump, Biden he often assumed a dazed expression. The conclusion of the debate then made matters worse. While Trump he left the studio on his own, Biden he remained waiting for his wife Jill, who, after taking him by the hand, helped him down the steps to the stage.

Biden he also proved to be poorly effective in his attack strategies against the opponent. He branded Trump as a danger to democracy, also calling him a “convicted criminal” and trying to embarrass him over abortion. However, the president failed to land a knockout blow. Trumpfor his part, went on the attack on inflation, illegal immigration and, especially, the 2021 Afghan crisis, which he defined as “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country”.

In short, for the president in office it wasn’t exactly an evening to remember. Which is now a problem for him. It is in fact known that a significant number of voters are worried about his health conditions. Furthermore, the president’s electoral committee hoped to use the television debate to relaunch his candidacy and dispel doubts about his chances of being reconfirmed in November: doubts, let us remember, which have been expressed, in recent months, even by figures significantly close to Barack Obamawho was also the great sponsor of the presidential candidacy of Biden in 2020. Coincidentally, a former advisor of the same Obamaas Van Jones, described the TV performance of the occupant of the White House as “painful” last night. “I adore Joe Biden. I worked for Joe Biden. He didn’t do well at all,” he added. Even Kamala Harris admitted that the president had a “slow start” in the televised debate.

Not only. During the debate, the influential editorialist of New York Times, Nicholas Christofhoped that the occupant of the White House would withdraw from the electoral campaign, invoking the names of alternative candidates, such as the current Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondoand the Democratic senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown. Politicfor its part, reported that a former Biden administration official called the president’s performance “terrible.” The same newspaper also reported that, behind the scenes, someone is already calling for a Conventions open, i.e. a withdrawal of Biden from the race for reconfirmation in November.

This means that, rather than dispelling concerns about his health, the White House tenant has reinvigorated them. And now it will be even more difficult for him to manage an electoral campaign that, in fact, never took off. Many polls, both nationally and in key states, give Trump before the president. Furthermore, in May, the Republican candidate raked in much more money than his rival, thus eroding his advantage. Biden had always enjoyed in terms of fundraising. The television debate now risks representing a sort of real tombstone on the president’s chances of reconfirmation. So let’s get ready. A real political earthquake could be coming to the American Democratic Party.