Life as Republicans in the US, Already Seeming in the White House

“The only way Trump won’t win is for the Democrats to cheat.” Word of a convinced Republican voter. Convinced that Biden has not chance to be re-elected to the White House, while for The Donald the road would be clear, especially after the last failed debate of the current US president. According to Tom, from South Carolina, one of the GOP strongholds (Grand Old Party), there is no doubt that political opponents have already used this “weapon” to obtain victory 4 years ago and fears that they may try again. “At the time there were no consequences (for Biden, Editor’s note) unfortunately if it were to happen again America would be over”.

In short, while the world is wondering about the ability of the current tenant of the White House to be able to face the next stages of the electoral campaign, convincing his electorate that he is worthy of a second mandate, the Trump supporters of the first hour have no doubts about who will take his place. Donald Trump, despite his legal troubles, has what it takes to obtain the majority. “The Dems are trying to destroy him by hitting him with organizations like the CIA”, continues Tom, convinced that instead the real enemy of the Democrats is not Trump, but rather the effect of his policies: “They have already shattered the American way of life, opened the borders, applied taxation without distinctions, etc. Donald Trump must win!”.

The migrant issue and the border with Mexico represent one of the main issues of the tycoon and a point on which few are willing to give in, at any level. The issue is circulating, in fact, both in the highest spheres and among ordinary people and especially among the military, whose majority vote Republican. “The military’s point of view is clear,” explains Samantha, from Colorado, a state with a Democratic governor, Jared Polis, but which is also home to the U.S. Air Force Academy, bases such as Fort Carson and two major Space Force installations. “My husband is in the U.S. Army and does not speak publicly about politics, he cannot, it is not expected that those who wear the uniform do so, but there are many who are convinced that Trump is needed, because more security is needed, even internally. There are too many movements from the southern border of the country, in particular by potential terrorists arriving from the Middle East. These people exploit the fragility of the border with Mexico, where rigorous controls are not possible or not wanted to be carried out, and from there it is possible to enter more easily. The problem is obviously not their nationality, but that the worst nightmare for America could come true: that we find ourselves fighting the enemy not outside, but from within”, Samantha explains.

And in Washington? Where the heart of power is, in the shadow of the White House and the Capitol, the Republicans are waiting with confidence. Those who weren’t, but aren’t fervent Democrats, are observing the situation and some have second thoughts. “I was recently talking to people who have worked directly with Trump, who have spoken to him and discussed things with him, and the image they give of him is very different from the one that comes from the media. They assure us that in private he is an exquisite person, decent, even nice and also very supportive. When he appears in public, however, he becomes another person: he knows he is not very popular, especially in certain circles, and he goes on the defensive, becoming more aggressive. It is surprising how many lawyers respect him and judge him to be prepared, educated, able to use calmer tones. It almost seems that he is unable to handle the hatred that many feel for him and in some way he returns it. Of course, the issue of his relationship with women weighs heavily. Maybe that’s true, but as president he didn’t act badly.”

Jack (fictitious name) is a young lawyer who has followed some projects for the White House and has no doubts: he believes in Trump’s re-election and perhaps he hopes so too. “He has streamlined a lot of bureaucracy in the penitentiary field, but this is never said. He has done a lot for prison overcrowding and for minor crimes, for which inmates can serve their sentences under house arrest because they do not constitute a social danger. Those of us who practice the profession of public defenderas a defense attorney, has also been appreciated for his work in other fields. If only he could behave differently in public, he could be more appreciated even by those who do not know him”.

Much more severe is the judgment on the Democratic opponent, the current President: “Biden is not up to the task. Let’s be clear, many of his collaborators (and not only) love him, he is a nice ‘old man’, but he has to go – Jack continues – Under his mandate many meetings were organized, but few were the important ones, while there were plenty of parties and receptions for famous Hollywood personalities, stars and divas from the artistic world, actors and producers. But these feast are at the expense of citizens, organized with public money. And then there were gaffes, like some of those revealed to the media, or others not publicized, like when he welcomed as President of Honduras a character who was not at all”.

Publicly weighing, however, are issues on which deep America is very divided and largely desires a sort of return to the origins. “At stake are the interests of America. God, family, country! We are tired of so much confusion, we would like men and women back. I am happy that other countries are also returning to conservative positions. Too much do-goodism harms everyone”, states bluntly another Republican voter, Jason, originally from Texas, one of the strongholds of Trump’s party.

Democrats know well that these issues can be decisive even in swing states, such as Wisconsin, where four years ago Biden won by just 20,000 votes. The latest polls gave Trump the lead in 7 of the so-called swing states, but after the televised debate, the Democrats’ disappointment mounted. Now they are aiming for the ace in the hole, that Barack Obama who, if he agreed to run on Biden’s ticket and as his vice president, could compete for his election and then take over during his term. But at the moment he does not seem to have any intention of playing this game.