Massimo Dal Checco begins his presidency at Anitec-Assinform

Massimo Dal Checco is the new President of Anitec-Assinform, the Association belonging to Confindustria which brings together ICT and Consumer Electronics companies in Italy. Elected by the Members' Assembly, Dal Checco will lead the Association in the next four-year period 2024-2028. He succeeds Marco Gay, who led the Association for 6 years

Dal Checco is the CEO of Sidi Group, a company that operates in the digital innovation and industry 4.0 sector.

Born in Milan and graduated in Economics and Commerce from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan. He has long sat at tables where innovation runs through the Italian entrepreneurial fabric. With passion and dedication he contributes to Technical Groups in Confindustria on Digital for the competitiveness of the Industrial System, on Supply Chains and on Internationalisation. He currently holds important positions in reference associative bodies for national and international entrepreneurship, promoting technological innovation as a key element of sustainable development.

The Assembly also voted in favor of the team of 6 Vice Presidents and the Program of Activities.

The strategic political summit of Anitec-Assinform which will be supported by the General Council, will be made up of:

Massimo Dal CheccoPresident

  • Domenico FavuzziDeputy Vice President, with responsibility for relations with the territories and monitoring of the PNRR
  • Claudio Bassoli, Vice President, with responsibility for Enabling and Frontier Technologies
  • Ludovica Busnach, Vice President, with responsibility for Digital Skills for business growth and inclusion
  • Paola Castellacci, Vice President, with responsibility for the Digital Transformation of Production Chains
  • Biagio De Marchis, Vice President, with responsibility for Europe
  • Gianmatteo Manghi, Vice President, with responsibility for the organization and marketing of the association.
  • Past President Marco Gay participates in the presidential team.

Finally, the President assigned the following delegations which complete the Presidential team:

  • Alberto Tripi, delegate to the Study Center
  • Daniele Lombardo, delegate for policies for the digital transformation of SMEs
  • Bruno Marnati, delegate for Consumer Electronics
  • Maximo Ibarra, delegate for relations with universities
  • Stefano Rebattoni, delegate for the Digital Transformation of the PA
  • Melissa Ferretti Peretti, delegate to the Platform economy
  • Valerio Romano, delegate to Twin Transition