Michelle Obama, Newson, Kamala Harris… Who instead of Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s poor television performance in the debate with Donald Trump is making the scenario of his replacement for the White House more likely given that the Democrats are (by their own admission) “in panic”. Let’s be clear: so far the person directly concerned does not want to know about taking a step back and, indeed, has said he is convinced he has recorded a good performance in front of the cameras. Yet various sectors of the American Democratic Party are in turmoil: doubts are being expressed from many quarters and some are even calling for a change during the race. Well, who would be the most likely names in this case?

Michelle Obama

It’s the dream that has been talked about for 5 years. According to many commentators, the former first lady would be in pole position to replace the current American president. Many also believe that Barack Obama’s wife would have an easy path and would be able to easily win against Trump. But be careful: the situation is actually more complex. First of all, the interested party has denied having presidential ambitions. Of course, it could be a tactic, but it is still worth recording. Secondly, it is not at all certain that it would be easy for her to get to the White House. The Obama family has in fact alienated important sectors of the Democratic left after, in 2016, they decided to give their endorsement to Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders.

Gavin Newsom

The governor of California could turn out to be the most solid name among those in circulation. In addition to leading the most populous state in the Union, he also enjoys a fair amount of notoriety at a national level. He is certainly liked by the liberal left, but he can also count on a certain dose of pragmatism. His young age also puts him in clear contrast with the current tenant of the White House. Not to mention that Barack Obama could bet on him. Already in 2022, Obama’s former senior advisor, David Axelrod, suggested that Newsom could replace Biden as the Democratic candidate this year. We are talking about the same Axelrod who has been harshly criticizing the current American president for months. It must be said that in the past few hours, the governor has ruled out wanting to run for president. In this case too, it could be a tactic. But the question arises spontaneously: would Newsom really have an interest in risking the risk of burning out his political career by replacing Biden in the race?

Kamala Harris

For many, she would be the natural replacement, should Biden withdraw from the race. However, things are more complicated than that. It is clear that the vice president would run for nominations presidential Democratic Party. However, it remains to be seen whether the delegates of the Convention of Chicago decide to focus on a figure who has proven to be as unpopular as he is politically impalpable. Probably his only hope is that, in this case, Newsom renounces, fearing he will get burned by 2028.

Sherrod Brown and Gina Raimondo

The Ohio senator would be an interesting name: he would have a strong appeal to the blue-collar workers of the Rust Belt: an electoral share compared to which Harris is particularly weak. On the other hand, the current Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, would have a very respectable CV and, who knows, she could also attract the vote of independent voters. The problem for her, however, is being the expression of a state with little electoral weight like Rhode Island.