The difficult challenges of Claudia Sheinbaum, the next president of Mexico

The Mexican elections have a winner. The left-wing candidate came in first place Claudia Sheinbaum, who, a member of the ruling Morena party, won between 58% and 60% of the votes. Instead, she placed second Xochitl Galvez who, representing the conservative opposition party Pan, stopped at around 27% of the vote. There Sheinbaum she is thus on her way to being the first female president in Mexican history: a mandate that will begin on October 1st.

“I will become the first female president of Mexico,” declared the winner, then added: “I didn't do it alone. We all made it, with our heroines who gave us our homeland, with our mothers, our daughters and our granddaughters. We have demonstrated that Mexico is a democratic country with peaceful elections.” “Of course I congratulate you with all due respect Claudia Sheinbaum who won by a wide margin”, stated the outgoing president for his part, Lopez Obrador, who is also the founder of Morena. There Galvez in the meantime he admitted defeat. “A few minutes ago I contacted the Sheinbaum to recognize the election result. I told her that I saw a Mexico full of pain and violence and that I hope it can solve the serious problems of our people,” declared Pan's candidate.

It is not an easy situation that we are about to face Sheinbaum. First of all, the electoral period was marred by episodes of violence. “Criminal groups have taken control of large parts of Mexico as they fight for territory to traffic drugs into the United States, earn money from migrant smuggling and extort residents to fuel their illicit enterprises,” CNBC reported yesterday . “Violence against political figures has also continued during this election cycle,” the publication added.

Secondly, theAssociated Press reported that “Lopez Obrador leaves his successor with a staggering budget deficit of 5.9% of GDP,” adding that the country also faces water and energy shortages. Finally, a further unknown is represented by relations with the United States, especially in view of the next American presidential elections: elections in which the issues of irregular immigration and control of the southern border have already been central for some time. It is therefore not excluded that, in the coming months, tensions between Washington and Mexico City could increase, while the Sheinbaum he will take office just a month before the US presidential elections.