The mystery surrounding the number of hostages in the hands of Hamas 5 months after the start of the war

Five months after the terrorist attacks in southern Israel and the subsequent and justified reaction of the Jewish State, there is no progress regarding the possible ceasefire and the release of the hostages who are in the hands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. In an interview with BBC, Basim Naim, one of many Hamas officials, said the organization could not provide Israel with a list of living hostages because it did not know how many there were or where they were. In the interview, relaunched by the Israeli media, Naim says that “no list was presented: it is technically impossible to know who is still alive, who died from Israeli raids or from starvation due to the Israeli blockade”. Naim continued: «The hostages are in different areas, in the hands of different groups: we asked for a truce also to gather information». In reality, Israel does not require a nominal list of living hostages, but only their number, along with the number of Palestinian detainees requested in exchange. But how many hostages are alive? Second Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel estimates there are about 40 living hostages who could be freed with a deal, but the precise number is not known. Unfortunately, we are not surprised because the hostages are no longer 134, we wrote about it in recent weeks after having been in Israel and having participated in various security briefings. Just as we are not surprised by what the Hamas leader says (“It is impossible to know exactly who is still alive, who died from Israeli raids or from starvation”), because that is exactly what they will say to justify their death. Everyone knows it but no one has the courage to say it. Given the position and the lies of Hamas, the Jewish State has decided not to send a delegation to Cairo to participate in the talks with Hamas, mediated by the United States, Qatar and Egypt, given that it is now clear that this is a gigantic deceit. But there's more, yesterday as the news site writes Rai al-Youm, Hamas has upped the ante again and called for the release of Marwan Barghouti and other high-profile Palestinian prisoners convicted of terrorist acts in its final “non-negotiable” proposal presented to Egyptian mediators. In addition to the release of Barghouti, the release of Abdullah Barghouti, Hamas' main explosives producer, the head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sadat, Ibrahim Hamed, former commander of the military wing of Hamas in the West Bank, is requested and Abbas al-Sayed, involved in various attacks that caused the death of numerous Israelis. Additionally, Israel should release all sick prisoners, those over 60 or under 18, and all women, as well as 57 individuals previously freed in the deal to free soldier Gilad Shalit and then rearrested for terrorism. According to Hamas' proposal, Israel should withdraw completely from Gaza before releasing a second group of hostages. Finally, terrorists demand full freedom of movement in Gaza and unrestricted access to humanitarian aid.

What does all this mean? That Hamas wants to continue the war, as we have been saying for weeks now but despite all this there are still those who believe the lies of the Hamas leaders and continue to talk about a ceasefire. This also demonstrates Hamas's ability to manipulate all other actors involved in the diplomatic element of the conflict. The ceasefire reverses the power dynamic in such a way that allows the sole non-state, terrorist actor to tell everyone else what to do. This is because, simply, Israel values ​​life while Hamas cares about death, the death of anyone, including Palestinian civilians used as human shields and all this with all due respect to the delegation of left-wing Italian parliamentarians led by Laura Boldrini and Alessandro Zan who in recent days are near the Rafah crossing to wave the flags of peace without saying a single word about the women raped and murdered by Hamas on 7 October 2023. Their silence is deafening. The war in Ukraine and the one in Gaza have one thing in common: both Vladimir Putin and the Hamas leaders absolutely don't want to stop (and it's not as if no one hasn't tried to talk to Putin in these two years), it's certainly no coincidence that “the pacifists” repeat the same concepts, while Putin has his now few opponents killed in prison – see poor Aleksei Navalny. For weeks, characters have been appearing on all televisions babbling empty phrases such as “we must give space to diplomacy”, “ceasefire immediately”, or “Israel must stop!”. And so while they go from one television lounge to another (and collect the fee) and fill their mouths with catchphrases, Hezbollah's missiles (and not only) fall on Israel, in the Red Sea the Houthis continue to attack the ships and the hunt for Jews was unleashed in Europe, given the hundreds of incidents of anti-Semitism. The latest, but only in chronological order, happened in Zurich (Switzerland) where a fifteen-year-old naturalized Swiss Tunisian armed with a knife attacked an Orthodox Jew. In a video, the boy who identifies himself as Ahmed al-Dabbah (the butcher) swears allegiance to Isis, exactly as all the so-called “lone wolves” (who in the end are never alone) have done in the recent past, lashing out against defenseless citizens in France, Germany, Belgium just to name a few cases. In his claim, the boy speaks of “blasphemy” and “of having planned to attack a synagogue and of wanting to kill as many Jews as possible, of taking to the streets and massacring all non-believers”. But who supplies weapons, ammunition and training to Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and Islamic Jihad? Iran about which our pacifists and the mainstream media do not say a single word and the same goes for Qatar which is the great protector of the Muslim brothers and therefore of its armed wing represented by Hamas.

The emirs of Doha are now playing the part of mediators while hosting and financing the leaders of the terrorist group, hoping that the day of reckoning will not come for them too because sooner or later they will have to pay for having financed terrorism for decades. Meanwhile, the Al Thanis shrug their shoulders and yesterday announced through the Qatari ambassador to the United Nations, Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani, another 25 million dollars for UNRWA overwhelmed by accusations of complicity for at least 450 of its employees with terrorists, «so as to help it meet emergency needs» and where will this money go? We know this very well as we have seen in recent months. According to analyst Giovanni Giacalone, «let's take one thing into account, Qatar not only financed several radical Islamist groups in Syria during the civil war, thus indirectly strengthening consensus towards the Assad regime which was consequently seen as an 'anti-jihadist bulwark ' in Syria, a de facto key ally of the Iranian regime, but Doha is also the main financier of Islamism in the West. It is enough to read the text Qatar Papers of Chesnot and Malbrunot to realize the fundamental importance of Qatar's financial flow in supporting the Brotherhood area, of which Hamas is the Palestinian branch. Unfortunately, the Qatar Papers investigation, which is only the tip of the iceberg, was not taken up and developed by anyone, just as Qatar-Gate itself had no follow-up. Returning to Hamas, where do the top leaders of the terrorist organization live? In Doha. Why hasn't Qatar expelled them yet? Why has no one in the West yet called for measures against them in Doha, despite the fact that Hamas is classified as a terrorist organization in the West? As far as I'm concerned the picture is clear.”