The real disappointment of the US Democrats, more than the unpresentable Biden, is Kamal Harris, the disappearance

What happened to Kamala Harris? While the world is wondering about Joe Biden, after he appeared “tarnished” and inadequate not only for the televised duel with Donald Trump, but also to continue leading the United States, Americans themselves are wondering what role his vice president could play. The woman who should have guaranteed support for the Democrats from the Hispanic communities, second-generation immigrants, but above all from young people. The “fresh” face and the woman capable of winking at that electorate that is not inclined to vote for a President who already four years ago represented the most marked expression of theestablishment.

The answer, however, is almost unanimous. Whether you ask traditional Democratic voters or those who wanted to believe in her four years ago by voting for her, today the verdict is clear: “Harris doesn’t like her, not even her own party,” says Melinda, a former English teacher for foreigners. She who worked for 30 years in Virginia with citizens from other countries (many from Mexico and South America, but not only), she who is used to understanding the needs of the “new Americans”, explains: “The vice president has been gone for some time, almost immediately after the 2020 election. But in reality she has never managed to offer a serious and strong, credible image of herself. Her presumed leadership”.

Even harsher is the comment coming from Washington DC, where the opinion among the employees who work in the numerous state museums is unanimous: “After Joe Biden’s inauguration at the White House and a few ritual photos, no one has seen her again. Is she perhaps too busy thinking about her career and taking advantage of her position for personal purposes?” Among the sales assistants at Walmart, one of the most famous chains of superstores with outlets in every corner of the Statesthe judgment is even more severe: “Some of her statements even seemed silly and unprofessional”, says Hellen, a 45-year-old African-American who had believed in Harris.

“She’s certainly good at knowing how to move, knowing how to take advantage of her position. But I don’t think she’s done anything good for the country,” adds James, an anesthesiologist from Florida. In this state, where the governor is Republican, many are just waiting for Trump to return to the White House, like Mark: “Biden is brain dead and Kamala Harris is a worthless horse. The Democrats have dug their own graves with their far-left agenda.”

But even among those who do not reach such harsh criticisms, there are those who do not hesitate to speak of “word salad”, “word salad”, in defining the speeches of the American vice president. In short, a lot of smoke and little roast for the 59-year-old, a former lawyer who then landed in the world of politics. She, who could embody the American dream of revenge, having been born to an Indian mother and a father of Jamaican origin; she who studied at the Howard University and to theHastings College of Law of San Francisco and then moved to Washington DC. She who, perhaps, has not managed to shake off the image too Californian (and snobbish) of certain Democratic exponents. “Biden has entrusted her with numerous tasks and objectives – explains Matthew, an employee of a computer company – But she has not completed any of them!”.

There are also those, like Lisa, originally from New Mexico, who later moved to Texas and then Florida, who recalls: “A while ago Kamala Harris landed in El Paso, Texas for an event. She left a couple of hours later, but I don’t think she even set foot on land: she just stayed on board.”

The image of the Democrats’ “dauphin”, therefore, is tarnished. Yet her name has been mentioned again as a possible alternative candidate to Joe Biden, should he give up on the idea of ​​giving up trying to run for an unlikely second term. “After the first TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I saw many loyal Democrats change their minds and start thinking about no longer supporting the party,” says Annabel, a student volunteer in a library on the East Coast. “The President has shown the world that he is too old and weak, but above all, not capable of facing the responsibilities he is called to. The Dems are now loudly calling for another figure. We need to hurry, though.” But who could come into play now? A potential candidate would be the governor of California, Gavin Newsome. But he is not well-known enough and, above all, he brings with him the image of an administration model that does not seem suitable for all the States: that of California, struggling with a constantly rising cost of living. Not suitable, therefore, for the deep America.

More chance would have the very popular Michelle Obamabut for now she has no intention of launching into a race against time in view of the vote on November 5. For this reason, for now, America is forgetting the old dream of having a first female President and is limiting itself to trusting in the power of persuasion of another woman, First Lady Gill, to convince her husband Joe to withdraw.