«The war in Gaza will still be very long»

The more hours pass, the closer it gets to total war between Israel and Hezbollah, which continues to launch missiles into Northern Israel. Let’s talk about the situation with Lion Udler Israeli expert on military and counter-terrorism issues.

«The war in northern Israel has been going on for over 8 months following the first attacks on 8/10/2023 against Israel by the terrorist organization Hezbollah and other Palestinian and Muslim Brotherhood organizations. To date, the war has remained low profile with strikes in areas close to the border and only occasionally deeper. The State of Israel sought mediation through the American representative Amos Hochstein, but the terrorist organization put the condition of a ceasefire in the north with a possible ceasefire in Gaza. The war in Gaza will still be long and the State of Israel cannot wait for the end of the war in Gaza to secure the citizens of the north in their homes, they have been refugees in their own country for over 8 months”

How close is war with the Lebanese militia, an expression of Iran?

«The probability of a wider war in Lebanon is very high, furthermore, the Israeli army is ready today more than ever, with trained and motivated reservists, which is why Hezbollah would not want to strike deeper because it finds itself faced with a army ready and very alert. Israel has eliminated many Commanders including Seniors, such as Force Commander Radwan and Hezbollah’s Nasser unit, and has struck a variety of infrastructure and warehouses in southern Lebanon that diminish terrorist capabilities.”

Is there a fear that Israel will not be able to cope with Hezbollah’s missile launch?

«Israel has the means to defend itself but it must be specified that there are no air defense systems in the world that hermetically protect an entire territory, Israel will also suffer consequences in the event of the war spreading, not to mention that Iran could transfer further forces from Syria and Iraq, and possibly go to war by launching missiles and drones against Israel from Iran, the Iranian strategy is precisely to surround Israel with troops, rockets, missiles and drones to use them at the moment they deem most appropriate militarily. The Hezbollah terrorist organization will attempt to strike the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow air defense batteries, capabilities that the organization has demonstrated it has.”

What Hezbollah is capable of doing and what can Do Israel?

«The terrorist organization has the capacity to launch approximately 4000 rockets, missiles and drones in a day and covers the entire Israeli territory, this capacity will be reduced as they are hit by Israel. In this case, Israel will use weapons never used before in an attempt to end the war as soon as possible, striking in Lebanon, and perhaps also in Syria, in order to cause such destruction as has never been seen in the Middle East before. It should be known that in the south from Lebanon up to Beirut, one house in 4 is practically a warehouse of armaments and/or ammunition, which will be hit in the immediate period of time, causing the total destruction of entire villages and cities”.

What rebanks to those who say it’s not the right timeuam I for Israel to open a new war front?

«Israel today finds itself militarily in the most appropriate moment to wage war on Hezbollah which, sooner or later, it would have had to wage anyway. Hezbollah is about 10 times larger and more powerful than the Hamas terrorist organization, is more militarily powerful than some NATO members, operates in territory larger than the Gaza Strip and enjoys a “friendly” border with Syria from where it can be supplied by Iran, both with personnel as well as with armaments and ammunition. Israel, on the other hand, enjoys a strategic ally which is the superpower, the United States of America, which has a strong interest in protecting the only democracy in the Middle East, even if they prefer an agreement, which has so far failed.”