US elections 2024: polls between Trump and Biden

According to the average of RealClear Politics polls, updated to today, Trump is ahead of Biden in key territories for the race for the White House. Even a few weeks ago the situation was similar. The main news is that in Wisconsin the two candidates are now tied. In Michigan, Trump has a slight lead of 0.2%, while in the other states – Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina – the gap is more significant. To be reconfirmed president, Biden would have to win in at least three of the largest of these seven states (Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Michigan) or in four of the smaller ones. Otherwise, he would lose the election. Looking at the polls of the last 12 months, in Michigan Biden is regaining the advantage that Trump has always had. Currently, the president is at 46.7%, compared to Trump’s 47.5%. The next few months will be crucial. Even more important than Michigan, in terms of number of inhabitants and therefore of large voters, is Pennsylvania. Here Trump maintains a solid lead, which has increased compared to a few months ago: it is at 48%, against Biden’s 45.2%.