Columns for electric cars at 50 thousand, but half are unusable

The charging stations for the car electricity in Italy they have exceeded 50 thousandto be precise they are 50,678 increasing by 38% in a year. So everything is fine? Not exactly. Why the 18% of installed infrastructure is unusable given that bureaucracy prevents energy distributors from connecting to the grid. Not only: numerous columns are unusable due to inefficiencies, vandalism and prohibited parking. All things considered, in short, the ones that are truly operational are the 50% of those installed. In the end there are very few fast “thorns”.: out of 50,678, 43,564 have a power of less than 50 kW (with very long times for “full tank”), while only 4,579 range from 50 to 149 kW, and 2,535 from 150 kW and above.

Italy also divided on electric

The electric car supply chain association E-Motus, explains that (given that the threshold of 50 thousand control units has been exceeded) in86% on average there is now at least one charging point in the national territory. And therefore a motorist can find a refueling point within radius dthe 10 kilometers. In reality the situation is very different: of the just under 30 thousand plugs actually worked the majority is located in the North (58% of the total), followed by the South and Islands at 23%, and the Center at 19%. In short, in some areas of the Peninsula the charging station remains a mirage.

Furthermore, even in the North the charging points are positional in most cases in large cities or in the immediate vicinity. As regards motorway sockets, almost all concessionaires have not published the notices required for the installation of the stations. Despite this, the charging points have reached 932 points, 61% of which have a power exceeding 150 kW, so that one service area in three is equipped with charging stations, an absolutely insufficient number to support traffic of electric cars only minimally supported.

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