“Free Palestine, from the river to the sea” is a good refrain for ministers, politicians, rectors

We know that the war that broke out between Israel and Hamas after the military operation of 7 October 2023 in southern Israel caused anti-Semitism to explode again on a global level with physical attacks, insults and threats in the media, desecrations of places of worship and Jewish cemeteries told several times; but that a minister from a member country of the European Union (in this case Spain) could appear on television to say: «Palestine will be free from the river to the sea», was impossible to imagine until yesterday but it happened. This was done by the leader of Sumar (far left which has 31 seats in parliament), Minister of Labor and Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Díaz who seems truly obsessed with Israel, given that she deals full time with the Israeli-Palestinian issue. But what exactly does this slogan mean that even students occupying universities around the world obsessively repeat?

« 'From the river to the sea'” – explains Davide Riccardo Romano, Director of the Museum of the Jewish Brigade – is a Hamas slogan that clearly says what its objective is: to erase Israel from the map to make room for a Palestinian Islamic State on the Iranian model The tragedy is that Hamas – like Hitler in his time – is sincere and clearly says what it wants to do, starting from its own Statute. Yet it is not believed, despite the fact that under the Hamas regime the book of Romeo and Juliet was banned (because Western) while the Nazi leader's Mein Kampf is allowed. Many, too many, in the West do not understand what Hamas really is. The fact that students repeat that genocidal slogan confirms that these agitated minorities of young people are not with the Palestinian people in general. , but only with the most fanatical and bloodthirsty part of it. The one that wants to relegate the woman to the house with the veil, outside the civilized world. They forget – or rather, they don't know – that Hamas foresees torture and death for gays and for journalists or disobedient students. They are confused kids: far-left students who support an Islamo-fascist regime. They are Tehran's best allies, the best youth of a bloody and racist regime.”

In one of her latest statements to the press, Yolanda Díaz emphasized «the government's commitment to clarifying and investigating Netanyahu as a criminal» then added that «this is a step that our country must encourage and support together with other states , in order to put an end to barbarism once and for all.”

Both the Israeli embassy and the Federation of Spanish Jewish Communities condemned the words of the Minister of Labor and Economy Díaz and on X the Jewish association writes: «Instead of promoting the safety of Spanish Jews, they encourage hatred and refusal towards them”. On Anti-Semitic statements are incompatible with a democratic society and it is unacceptable that they come from a deputy prime minister. We hope that Spain will keep its promise to fight anti-Semitism.”

Spain is one of three European countries, along with Ireland and Norway, preparing to recognize a Palestinian state within days, according to announcements by those governments this week. For Davide Riccardo Romano «if Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Díaz believes that killing and torturing women and children is the way to obtain state recognition, I wonder why she hasn't taken the same initiative for Isis or al-Qaeda, which has already struck in Madrid in 2006 with 193 victims. The world is full of terrorists who attack civilians, and I don't understand why you have this predilection for Hamas. Maybe because killing Jews is praiseworthy for you? I would like to remind the deputy minister that the jihadists' slogan is 'first Saturday and then Sunday', which translated means “first we persecute the Jews and then it will be the Christians' turn”. Moreover, it is visible to everyone that in the territories governed by Hamas or the PNA, Christians are fleeing, while Israel is the only place in the Middle East where they are on the increase.”