Kate's strength

Two minutes of video message to the Princess of Wales were enough to rewrite the history of the last two months.

With the strength that perhaps only Queen Elizabeth had and the modernity of a young royal, Kate revealed to the public her most painful secret, the cancer that struck her.

Thanking for the affection that many have shown her, she explained in broad terms what is happening to her, asking for time and space to heal. She spoke about the difficulty of having to explain her situation to her children and of having to reassure them that their mother would win this battle too, that in the end she would be fine.

It was thus understood that the Princess, who underwent abdominal surgery in January, only accidentally discovered after the operation that she had a tumor. The diagnosis was confirmed in February and for this reason her husband William had to cancel his participation in the ceremony in memory of King Constantine of Greece at the last minute. Since February, Kate has been undergoing preventive chemotherapy treatment aimed at wiping out all the cancer cells still present and preventing the disease from spreading.

However, the news was only given yesterday to allow the children to live as normal a life as possible, also taking advantage of the school holidays which would have kept them away from contact with the public.

Two minutes of message and all the pieces of the puzzle miraculously return to their place, making all the suppositions and crude theories that have emerged on social media and in the media in recent weeks even more pathetic.

Yesterday William and Kate were seen leaving by helicopter for their holiday home in Norfolk, a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth. They will spend the Easter holidays there together with the children and will therefore not join the rest of the family for the ritual mass on Easter Sunday which is celebrated in Windsor.

But the whole country will be with them.

Not only King Charles, who made it known that he was “enormously proud of the courage with which Catherine spoke” and reassured his subjects that he was closer than ever to his beloved daughter-in-law. Not only the Dukes of Sussex, who knew all last minute of Kate's condition given that the royal family no longer trusts them and fears that they could reveal even the most private secrets to the press. Not only politicians of all parties, but above all ordinary people are now uniting around Kate and her family in the most difficult moment of her privileged life.

Meanwhile, the monarchy, so severely mutilated, with a king and a princess absent from the public scene for many more months, is experiencing another annus horribilis, forced to face an unprecedented void in the stakes.