One in four cars sold in Europe in 2024 will be produced in China

Nearly a fifth of electric vehicles sold in Europe in 2023 it was produced in China (in Italy 23%) and this year the quota is destined to reach the 25%. The prediction – a real alarm – is contained in the new analysis of Trasnsport & environment, the European Federation for transport and the environment. and it comes just as the European Union is considering whether to impose a surcharge on tariffs for importing cars made in Chinain order to balance the subsidies that Chinese industry receives from Beijing.

Tariffs help us but alone they are not enough

But a tariff increase, if it creates a wall, would also also has the effect of stimulating international competitors to locate their production in Europe. And therefore what is suggested is certainly to provide a shield to companies that benefit from state aid but at the same time facilitate the transition of the European automotive industry taking into account the reality of the market. L'increase in EU tariffs to 25%. on all vehicle imports from China, according to T&E analysis, would make the Beijing's sedans and mid-size SUVs more expensive than their European equivalents, favoring local production. Compact SUVs and larger cars imported from China should remain slightly cheaper with this tariff. “The tariffs will push automakers to localize the production of electric vehicles in Europe – explains Andrea Boraschi, director of T&E Italia, – and this is potentially good for employment and the skills we want to grow among workers. But they will not protect the European automotive industry for long. Chinese companies will build factories on the old continent and when this happens our industry must be ready to take up the challenge.”

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