That “flaw” in Europol

Last October 28 it was discovered that some dossiers containing sensitive information on high-level managers of Europol, the European Union's police agency, had literally disappeared. According to reports at Politic by four officials and former officials of the agency protected by anonymity, the missing files would include those relating to the executive director of Europol Catherine De Bolle and to three of its deputy directors: Jürgen Ebner, Andrei Lințǎ and Jean-Philippe Lecouffe.

The news is dismaying to say the least in a very delicate moment on the international security front with two ongoing wars and the resurgence of Islamic State terrorism capable of striking at the heart of the city of Moscow. Another bad news on the European front is that for about a year Europol and Frontex have not exchanged the data of suspicious people due to the veto of the privacy guarantor. We talk about all this with Sara Kelany, lawyer and deputy of Fratelli D'Italia.