The first golden thing about Milan Design Week is the rents

Golden deals coming for those who have an extra room or can leave their home in Milan next week. Rents from April 15th to 21st are tripled. Design Week effect. A few days before the start of the main event of the Milanese year, 9 out of 10 apartments on offer are already blocked. And the average weekly rent grew by 214%. Hotels don't cry, where a night costs 320% more than this week. It is therefore not surprising that a real business has been born with Milanese people who become renters even for just one week a year, that of Designa Week, putting the house in which they usually live or at least a room on the market. Owners who are thus able to pay condominium expenses and perhaps even a part of future holidays.

In 2023, 400 thousand people arrived in the city and an increase is expected this year. And last year there was talk of a total related industry of 223 million euros (+37% on 2022). Higher numbers are expected this year. Catering and hospitality at the top of the ranking, with their entire supply chain. In fact, looking only at rents (Abitare Co. study) the average weekly price during the Design week goes from 1207 euros to 3855 euros (+214%), and this year marks an increase of 5.3% compared to 2023. Taking a focus on the offers on Airbnb, the average cost per night is 340 euros compared to 125 euros the week before and after the event. And the platform announced that this year the searches made for accommodation during the Design Week in Milan have doubled (+95%). That average +214% speaks volumes, but the striking cases are also surprising. Renting an apartment in Brera during the Salone costs on average 5740 euros per week. If you want via della Moscova you need 7350 euros and for via Solferino 6930. Garibaldi and Porta Nuova are not far behind, the average is 4820 euros per week. If you move as soon as you go, it drops to 3070 euros in the Tortona area, and just over 2800 in Isola and Lambrate.

This year the hinterland is also entering the business, with Monza in particular. In the Brianza capital the average weekly rent for those days exceeds 2500 euros (+289%). A greater increase than that recorded in Milan therefore. It is also good for those who rent in Rho (2300 euros or +255%), in Sesto San Giovanni (1750 euros or +213%), in San Donato Milanese (1890 euros +207%), in Corsico (1190 euros +110% ) and in Segrate (1610 euros or +104%).

And hotels? During Design Week, according to the Maiora Solutions study, for a two-star hotel you need 350 euros per night, for a three-star hotel 488 euros, for a 4-star hotel 669 euros and for a 5-star hotel 1222 euros. These are triple-digit increases compared to the week before: +260% for a two-star hotel, +320% for a three-star hotel, +270% for a four-star hotel and +290% for a five-star hotel. And if you compare it with the following week the increase even reaches 490%.

76.6% of visitors come from abroad (The Next report by Global Bue and Lybra Tech). So it doesn't stop for just one night. The average stay is two nights, three for those arriving from Arab countries, Australia, Brazil, Canada or India. A week, therefore, is quick to fill.