The sense of thaw between Trump and Nikki Haley

And finally the thaw came. Nikki Haley has announced that he will vote for in November Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate reciprocated by assuring that the former ambassador “will be part of our team.” In short, the two bitter enemies of the primaries would seem to have buried the hatchet. How can this turning point be interpreted?

First of all, it cannot be excluded that the Haley is being considered as a deputy candidate for Trump. Two weeks ago, Axios News had reported that the former president was evaluating her for the role, although the person concerned had shortly afterwards clearly denied such a circumstance. Now, it goes without saying that, by possibly choosing the Haley as deputy, Trump could federate the Republican Party, exactly as it did Ronald Reagan in 1980, opting for his old rival in that year's primaries, George HW Bush. Secondly, perhaps the most important aspect lies in the fact that around the Haley some of his big electoral financiers continue to gravitate. The détente between the two could therefore push some of these same financiers to open the taps in favor of the former president.

And here we come to a fundamental point. In fact, we must not forget that, during the primaries, the Haley has enjoyed the support of some relevant financial circles, as well as the sympathy of the government apparatus: starting from the Pentagon which, increasingly at odds with Joe Biden following the 2021 Afghan crisis, she appreciated the proactive positions in foreign policy, advocated by the former ambassador. Well, something is moving on both fronts. Two weeks ago, one of the main financiers of the Haley, Ken Griffinraised the possibility of being able to subsidize Trump, should the latter choose a satisfactory deputy candidate. Also the New York Times reported that several of the former ambassador's financiers were “reconsidering their aversion to Trump”. Not only. In fact, it is good to underline the progressive approach of Elon Musk to the orbit of the former president. In this regard, it is worth remembering that the CEO of SpaceX boasts various procurement contracts with the Pentagon.

For his part, too Trump he extended olive branches to some sectors of the establishment. In addition to the recent thaw with the Haleythe former president de facto gave his approval to the new military aid package for Ukraine, saving the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnsonfrom the ouster attempt conducted by the Republican deputy Marjorie Taylor Greene. Without neglecting that Trump recently had meetings with various international leaders, from Viktor Orban to Andrzej Dudapassing through the British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron. A series of meetings to which must be added a phone call with the Saudi crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. In short, it is clear that the former president is working on the creation of a complex international network. Which cannot easily be separated from his strategy of greater convergence with some parts of the establishment.

But what are the reasons behind this convergence? Trump he has understood that, in the event of a return to the White House, he cannot afford new fringes on the part of the apparatus. His aim is also to avoid international isolation. On the other hand, the same apparatus and some important parts of the economic system no longer see favorably Biden. As already mentioned, a turning point was represented, in this respect, by the disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan, which took place in 2021. It is in this sense that the rapprochement between Trump and these worlds. An approach that could be found in the Haley one of its main cohesive factors. In short, the former president could prove to be much more politically solid this time compared to 2020 and 2016. This is why a certain nervousness is growing among Democrats.