Chris LaCivita: “Trump will win thanks to workers and farmers”

Donald Trump's election campaign has now taken off. There is little doubt that he will soon conquer the nominations Republican presidential election. Suffice it to say that, just the day before yesterday, the former president triumphed in the Michigan primaries, trailing Nikki Haley by more than 40 points. Furthermore, various polls show him more than competitive with Joe Biden both nationally and in various key states. For an inside look at his campaign, we spoke with Chris LaCivita. A long-time strategist, he is currently a senior advisor to Trump himself, as well as one of the top executives of his electoral team. Not only. In mid-February, LaCivita received the former president's endorsement to take on the role of chief operating officer of the Republican Party's National Committee: a role that, in the event, would not lead him to leave Trump's campaign team. Perhaps no one knows better than him the strategies that the former president is implementing in view of November 5th.

Chris LaCivita, can you explain to me what your duties are on the Trump campaign team?

“I am co-head of President Trump's 2024 campaign organization. Together with my colleague Susie Wiles, we manage a team of people nationwide to provide organizational direction in all areas, including fundraising, policy proposal development, communications and political operations.”

Why is Trump increasing support among blue-collar workers?

“President Trump is strong with voters across the nation's economic spectrum. His appeal to American workers is that he reflects their core, common-sense values. In his first term he demonstrated to the nation that his policies bring economic prosperity, respect on the international stage and security of our borders. Biden's disastrous tenure has presented a stark contrast, one that American voters can see every day.”

In your opinion, what could be the electoral impacts of Biden's policies in favor of electric cars?

“President Biden's electric vehicle mandate is yet another example of Biden's failure to protect America's manufacturing sector and the men and women whose jobs are on the line. Bending to the will of environmental extremists, the American auto industry faces an existential threat posed by products made predominantly by Chinese communists. If this obligation were fully implemented, it would mean the surrender of the rest of American industry to our nation's enemies. Furthermore, the burden on the national energy grid, lacking the infrastructure to support it, makes this policy impossible to implement without continuing a disastrous shift away from American energy independence.”

Some sectors of the European left claim that Trump is “racist”. Yet with him the Republican Party began to grow again among African-American and Hispanic voters. What is your electoral strategy for ethnic minorities?

“We are competing for every vote, including minority votes. We are reminding these voters that during President Trump's first term we saw historic lows for Black and Hispanic unemployment and significant wage increases for Black and Hispanic Americans. President Trump has grown our nation's economy by producing low inflation and low interest rates. This has increased the opportunity for minority families to achieve homeownership and provide for their retirement needs.”

Go ahead.

“President Trump also dealt with justice reform. While President Trump is undoubtedly a law and order leader, he has demonstrated common-sense policies in sentencing for nonviolent crimes: a tough but fair justice system that treats all people equally. Perhaps more than any other American, President Trump recognizes that a two-tiered justice system, which protects insiders and elites but targets political opponents or workers, is fundamentally un-American.”

The farmers' vote is crucial. What strategy are you adopting to win him over?

“Once again, there are well-established achievements in President Trump's first term. American farmers need production costs to be as low as possible. Biden's reversal of Trump's economic policies has increased inflation and interest rates on loans. Trump renegotiated trade deals to defend American farmers in the global marketplace. We have a broad coalition of elected officials and agricultural stakeholders who have embraced President Trump's campaign for these reasons.”

What are Biden's most serious electoral weaknesses?

“Biden's weaknesses fall into two categories. The first is his physical and cognitive weakness. There has never been such clear evidence that an American president is unfit to govern as what is seen every day on broadcasts around the world. The second is the Biden administration's complete surrender to more radical left-wing policies. Open borders, economy-destroying energy policy, and kowtowing to the enemies of the United States and our European partners are a reflection of this. Both of these categories project American weakness onto the world and threaten the American people and our allies.”

What do you think of the Democratic prosecutors who indicted Trump?

“It is now well documented that all of these legal cases are election interference produced by a coordinated effort by Biden and his Department of Justice. They fear facing Trump at the polls this November, so they have rigged the justice system to act as a political hit squad. American voters can see this for what it is worth and will reject these immoral attacks.”

Biden says he is Catholic, but he is pro-abortion and his Justice Department has targeted traditionalist Catholics. What is your strategy to win over Catholic voters?

“Biden has exploited the federal legal system against Christians, especially against Catholics, because the values ​​of the faithful do not correspond to the radical agenda of Biden and the left. President Trump has appointed federal judges who respect life and implemented policies that celebrate traditional American families. He expanded parental school choice and educational policies that respect the Judeo-Christian foundations on which the United States was founded. We believe that Catholics and all Christians will see President Trump's clear results and embrace them.”

What about Nikki Haley?

“After yet another massive defeat in South Carolina days ago, groups affiliated with Charles Koch openly stated that they are ending their financial support of the former ambassador. The primaries are over and all Nikki Haley is doing now is accepting support from Democrats who would rather Biden take on her instead of President Trump. Fortunately for the nation, these Democrats will not succeed. Trump is our party's nominee and is on his way to success in November.”

Will Trump be president again?

“Poll after poll shows President Trump poised to win key states. With the contrast between his strength and Biden's weakness, we believe the American people will lead President Trump to victory in 2024.”