Economy the solution for the safe and transparent trading of used vehicles

The used vehicle trading market is known for often being characterized by little transparency and scams on the agenda, which can easily make the purchase or sale of a vehicle a treacherous path for both buyers and sellers.

In this scenario,, an innovative fintech startup in the automotive sector, facilitates every phase of the process thanks to its solutions, from the initial verification of the vehicle to the final economic transaction contextual to the transfer of ownership, guaranteeing security and transparency for both parties involved.

Vehicle Certification is the service developed for those who are looking for a new vehicle to purchase: in a few minutes, a detailed report is generated on the vehicle's history based on data obtained in real time from the Public Automotive Registry and the Civil Motorization Authority. This accurate and impartial overview, which covers technical, financial, administrative aspects, past use, historical mileage, revisions and much more, is vital both for the buyer who wishes to have clarity and avoid unpleasant surprises, and for the seller who wants to certify the good condition of your vehicle.

The service goes further, representing the company's commitment to environmental sustainability, verifying and informing the user about the vehicle's compliance with the polluting regulations in force in the various cities, crucial for access to the various regulated urban areas.

To guarantee the entire buying and selling process, also stands out for its offer of the Safe Service. Managed by a Payment Institute supervised by the Bank of Italy, the service stores the sales amount of the vehicle in a “virtual safe” and transfers it to the seller only after the regular transcription of the deed of sale and completion of the transfer of ownership , eliminating the risks of payment fraud (such as bankers' checks and counterfeit banknotes) and guaranteeing, at the same time, the contextual nature of the payment transaction and transfer of ownership of the goods.

The company's commitment is aimed at strengthening trust in the Italian used car market, promoting an experience that is without risks and unpleasant surprises for all the actors involved