The appeal against the cut in the revaluation of pensions is underway

The attack by pensioners against the allowance revaluation mechanism, which penalizes medium-high pensioners, comes to a head.

“With the first hearing on 5 April the judicial process begins which we hope will lead to a ruling from the Constitutional Court” commented the general secretary of Uil Pensioners Carmelo Barbagallo. In fact, the initial hearing of the first of the 5 appeals against the cut in the revaluation of pensions of an amount exceeding 4 times the INPS minimum payment provided for by the 2023 Budget Law, which reintroduced the mechanism not for brackets but for overall amounts.

The appeals were initiated by Uilp on behalf of five public and private pensioners from different geographical areas of the country. The costs are obviously borne by Uilp.

“Our objective” continues Barbagallo “is to reach the Court's ruling on the constitutional illegitimacy of the article of the Budget Law which provided for the cut. An unfair measure, which affected a vast audience of pensioners and pensioners, around 3 and a half million. Furthermore, the 2024 Budget Law not only confirmed the cut, but also worsened it, bringing the revaluation for pensions above 10 times the minimum from 32% to 22%. The damage is permanent and irreversible, because it affects subsequent years.”

The appellant in the April 5 case, for example, lost around 2,200 euros with the mechanism in force in 2023 alone. A loss of over 30 thousand euros is estimated over the years.

“The pensioners of this country are tired of being treated like an ATM” they claim to the union. “It is not possible that every time resources are needed they are taken from pensioners. We are not a piggy bank to be broken if necessary. Pensions are the result of years of work and contributions and Italian ones are taxed double the European average. The revaluation is not an increase, it is a partial adjustment to the previous year's inflation. When inflation is skyrocketing, as it has been in past years, a full revaluation of all pensions is more than necessary, because it is the only tool to protect the purchasing power of pensioners. Uilp strongly believes in this battle, which will be long and challenging. We hope to achieve an important result.”