USA 2024: Trump wins Super Tuesday

It was a landslide victory Donald Trump to the Super Tuesday of yesterday evening. Second Politic, the former president in fact won clearly in almost all the states where voting was held. In particular, he conquered Texas, California, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia. It should also be underlined that, in all these states, he well exceeded the threshold of 50% of the votes: in only Texas and California – the most populous states, which offer the greatest number of delegates – the former president received more 70% of the votes.

Nikki Haleyfor its part, had to settle for just Vermont, which won with 49.8% against 45.9% Trump. This is a meager result. This state offers just 17 delegates for the Conventions national Republican party in July and, in the presidential elections, she has voted uninterruptedly for the Democrats since 1992. The electoral performance in Virginia also proved disappointing for the former ambassador, on which – according to various rumors – she was betting heavily in the attempt (increasingly desperate) to relaunch their campaign: in this State, Trump won with about 63% of the votes, while the Haley it stopped at 35%. It must also be said that, at the time of writing, Alaska and Utah have not yet been assigned: two states which in any case could not significantly change the weight of the results of this Super Tuesday.

“We have a great Republican Party with extraordinary talent, and we want to have unity, and we will have unity, and it will happen very quickly,” declared the former president, who is now close to mathematically locking down the nominations presidential election, reaching the fateful threshold of 1,215 delegates: a result that, barring any surprises, he should be able to achieve in the next two weeks. At the time of writing, all 854 delegates up for grabs yesterday have not yet been assigned: however, according to the New York Times, Trump would have already obtained at least 478 against the 19 of the Haley.

And now the usual question emerges. What will the former ambassador do? She will stubbornly continue to stay on the field, despite her road to the nominations is in fact non-existent from a mathematical point of view? For now, his campaign is clinging to its victory in Vermont. However, as we have seen, it is a fundamentally irrelevant state both for the primaries and, on the Republican front, for the presidential elections. Making the situation worse for the former ambassador is the fact that, on Monday, the United States Supreme Court overturned the Colorado ruling that had declared Trump incantable. One of the reasons why the Haley continued to justify his electoral run has always been that of the former president's judicial troubles: troubles which, let's be clear, remain on the table. The point is that, for him, the main obstacle was represented precisely by the possibility of being declared ineligible: an obstacle that the person concerned has now left behind. Meanwhile, according to CNN, the team of Haley it would be internally split between those who hope that the former ambassador will give her endorsement to her rival and those who suggest she avoid such a move. Meanwhile Trump is now truly one step away from nominations.